The structural characteristics of CNC foam cutting machine

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cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine

The basic structure of CNC foam cutting machine usually consists of three parts: the main body of the machine tool, the numerical control device and the servo system. However, for many numerical control equipment, the numerical control device and the servo system (except the executive motor) have been generally integrated in the structure, and this part is called the machine tool numerical control system. Therefore, the basic structure of CNC machine can also be summarized as: mainly composed of two parts: the main body of the machine tool and the CNC system.

The cnc foam cutting machine is a high-precision, high-efficiency, high-automation and high-flexibility working machine, which has the following structural characteristics.

cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine


CNC foam cutting machine often needs to work normally under high-speed, heavy-load, and powerful cutting conditions. Therefore, the main mechanical parts of the machine tool (such as bed, table, tool holder, etc.) are required to have high rigidity and no deformation during operation Or vibration to ensure smooth cutting process.

High flexibility

The high flexibility of cnc foam cutting machine is the flexible and variable characteristic of index control equipment. Its flexibility is one of the significant differences between numerical control equipment and other modular machine tools, profiling machine tools and automatic special machine tools. When the processing object of the numerical control equipment changes, only need to change the processing program and re-adjust the tool to automatically complete the processing of the workpiece, without having to make special adjustments to the machine tool (including accessories such as templates). In this way, it can not only meet the processing requirements of multiple varieties of parts, but also shorten the production preparation cycle, and has outstanding advantages for frequent variety modification, scientific research, and new product trial production.

High sensitivity

Because the cnc foam cutting machine is working in an automatic state, the machine tool is required to have high motion accuracy, and the friction force should be reduced for the mechanisms that need to perform relative motion, and there is no crawling phenomenon at low speed displacement. In the machine tool structure, rolling friction is usually used to replace sliding friction (such as rolling guides, ball screws, etc.) or to reduce the friction coefficient of the motion pair (such as using hydrostatic guides, hydrostatic bearings, and plastic guides, etc.) to adapt to High sensitivity requirements of CNC equipment.

Small thermal deformation

The relatively moving components of the machine tool are prone to generate heat during the high-frequency displacement and reversing process, which causes thermal deformation of the components, which affects the accuracy of the components. Therefore, the heat generation of each component is required to be the least, that is, the thermal deformation coefficient of the component (material) is required to be as small as possible, and the heat reduction condition is as good as possible. For example, a high-speed spindle usually adopts a constant temperature cooling device.

High vibration resistance

Vibration (especially the resonance generated during cutting) of the moving parts of the cnc foam cutting machine not only affects the sensitivity of the machine tool, but also affects the macroscopic geometric accuracy of the workpiece and the surface quality (surface roughness) of the workpiece. Improving the manufacturing accuracy of components, maintaining the best movement clearance, reducing mechanical transmission mechanisms, shortening the transmission chain, etc., are effective ways to ensure high vibration resistance.

High-precision retention

The CNC foam cutting machine machine can work at full load or overload under high-speed and powerful cutting conditions because of its high precision retention, which enables the machine tool to have stable machining accuracy during long-term operation. In addition to the correct selection of the materials of the relevant components, technological measures such as special quenching, cold and heat aging treatment must be taken to improve the wear resistance of moving parts, reduce deformation in use, and extend the life of the components.

High reliability

cnc foam cutting machine mainly works under automatic conditions, and its stability and reliability during continuous operation for a long period of time must be ensured. At the same time, the probability of failure during the life cycle should be as small as possible. Therefore, the CNC system software (system program) and main moving components (such as spindles, sliding plates, etc.) in the numerical control equipment should be guaranteed not to fail. For components such as tool magazines and tool changers that require frequent operation, they must also be guaranteed for a long time. Be very reliable at work. There are also corresponding standards for the mean time between failures (MTBF) of the machine tool numerical control system

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