Video demonstration of eps grinding machine

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eps grinding recycling work
eps grinding machine

The application of eps grinding machine is for recycling eps package box,eps insulation sheet,cut-offs,eps decoration materials etc.

The difference with other eps recycling machines is that it can grind the foam waste into size below 2cm fine beads.

eps grinding machine
eps grinding machine

The eps grinding machine is designed with two rotating shafts and the teeth on the shaft is placed spirally as shown in the picture above.The design can grind the waste into fine beads, other eps shredder can only shred foam waste into 5cm beads.The foam waste keep dancing and rotating between the shafts until they are grinded into 2cm size.

There will be a blower with the machine and a silo equiped with.we can also custom it with conveyor and design a semi-closed inlet.


styrofoam regrinding machine
styrofoam regrinding machine
eps recycling process
eps grinder

Welcome to click the picture to see the video on youtube.  whatsapp @ 008613833131292 for business.

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