2019 New Design 3D Puzzle EPS Foam Cutting Machine Jigsaw

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2019 New Design 3D Puzzle EPS Foam Cutting Machine Jigsaw

2019 New Design 3D Puzzle EPS Foam Cutting Machine Jigsaw

Shenzhen EPS Cutting Mahine Factory is a cnc knife cutting machine cuts in a digital and dieless way .
It is controlled by computer, realize smooth, quick and accurate cutting for irregularly shapes, without die, let you turn your idea into a product in no time.

Cutting by blade, so the cutting edge is clean and smooth, a free pollution and eco-friendly plant is guaranteed.

With ccd camera, this machine can cut printed materials according to printing pattern.

Self-developed control software is easy to learn and operate.

Machine for Cutting EVA EPS Foam Board Making 3D Puzzle Jigsaw

Parameter configuration

Model no.ZX-1214V
Working area1200×1400mm(L*W)
Machine size1930x2055x1240mm(L*W*H)
Max cutting speed1200mm/s
Cutting thickness0.1-25.0mm(depend on material)
Cutting precision0.1mm
Working voltageAC 110V 220V 380V±10%, 50HZ
Rated power11KW
Transmission interfaceEthernet
Control panelLiquid crystal display
Fixed typeIntelligent vacuum adsorption
Drive systemFuji servo motor, Hiwin linear guideway, rack drive
Safty deviceInfrared sensors, 4 emergency stop buttons
Cutting extentFull-cut
Applicative materialKT board, EVA board, PVC board, paper board and other similar materials
Standard configurationVibration knife cutting tool, red light pointing
Other optional configurationmilling tool, punching tool, scanner, ccd camera, drawing pen, automatic feeding
Operating characteristicCan work offline; 24 hours continuous and efficient working
Machine for Cutting EVA EPS Foam Board Making 3D Puzzle Jigsaw
Machine for Cutting EVA EPS Foam Board Making 3D Puzzle Jigsaw


Q: 1. How can I choose the suitable machine?

A: Please provide us some info, then we can recommend you the suitable machine:

1)What materials are going to cut? Are they rolled or not? Breathable or not?

2)What’s the largest size of original materials?

3)What’s the thickness of materials?

4)Excepting for cutting, do you need more functions, like drawing, punching holes, scanning, feeding, CCD camera, etc.?

Q: 2. Can you design a machine for me depending on my requirements?

A: Of course, we will give our professional suggest and discuss details with you for the machine which matches all the requests with best cost performance.

Q: 3. What should I do if the machine has any problem in future?

A: We supply online/phone technical support and door to door service. Anything confuse or not goes well, pls contact us in the first time.

Q: 4. What’s the warranty policy?

A:Standard warranty is 12 months upon delivery.

Main parts are free of charge(except consumable parts) when problems happened because of quality problem during this period.

Problems caused by wrong operate will also well-solved, but not for free.

We also supply life long after-sales service. No matter when, you can guarantee our best service for your machine.

Q: 5. If I don’t know this machine before, how can I operate it?

A: We supply face to face training and provide operating video, user manual, and telephone calls to help.

It’s easy to learn, one inexperience people can learn it within one day.

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