We give you solutions and service by our CNC foam cutting machine

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2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine
2 axis CNC EPS cutting machine

The CNC foam cutting machine has oscillating hot wires allowing for cutting sheets of foam and plastic. The X travel options allows for cutting a large range of material thicknesses. Our CNC foam cutting machine offers 3m and 6m table that comes standard with loading relative length EPS block .you can custom and add more tools as required and we offer an optional configuration.Our proprietary devfoam Software and NC Code generation offers special manufacturing rules for cutting foam and plastic with automatic hot wire selection and parameters to ensure all manufacturing sites produce the same high-quality results.

CNC foam cutting machine
PSQ300 CNC foam cutting machine

We offer a comprehensive menu of industrial cutting solutions by buying our CNC foam cutting machine.

We give software and manufacturing solutions to perfect the cutting processes. ​

The core of our marketing strategy is giving the customer the power to do real-time cutting design by providing FREE CAD software. We  also offer FREE design services.

We supply  the complete package for cutting design, including machinery and software, so that you can design and produce your own EPS products.

We manage the machine process through our custom web portal where customers and staff collaborate in creating the perfect design for each company. We custom machine with the requirement from customers.During working,we give free suggestions with our knowledge in EPS industry.

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