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automatic eps silo system

EPS silo is used for maturing EPS silo and storing it during the EPS making process.There are many different EPS silo work with machine.

  1. Pre-foaming warehouse: Its structure is a cylindrical mixing barrel, which is used to stir and heat eps (beads) or copolymer beads to a certain temperature to pre-expand the beads to a certain size.
  2. Molding and curing: The structure is the molding cavity of the mold, and its function is to inject the pre-expanded beads into it and continue to foam to obtain a shape and density that meet the requirements (white touch).
  3. Drying warehouse: Drying equipment (drying room, drying room, drying box, etc.), which is used to dry the formed pattern to meet the requirements of process.
EPS silo
EPS silo

The EPS silo is made of high-quality nylon mesh and angle iron. The specification is 2.5m*2.5m*5m. It also needs to be used with corresponding seamless steel pipes, elbows, flanges, etc.

To configure several EPS silos, it needs to be determined according to the number of forming machines purchased by the customer. Generally, two forming machines need to be equipped with 8 EPS silos

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