EPS silo above the EPS mixer machine

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automatic eps silo system

The EPS silo above the EPS machine are two different kind of silo bags.As the EPS materials are pre expanded and recycled in each silo.

In order to improve the production efficiency, the preparation EPS silo above the EPS mixer is needed, so that there is always a batch of prepared materials waiting to be mixed, which can improve the production efficiency by 30%, so as to reflect the advantages of the high-efficiency EPS mixer. Secondly, the material will form an air arch and it is difficult to unload the material. The EPS silo should be equipped with a flow-assisting air cushion or a vibration motor; for maintenance and sealing, the inlet of EPS silo should be equipped with a pneumatic or manual valve; for smooth unloading, the cone angle of the silo should not be less than 60 degrees.

EPS silo
EPS silo

In order to fully reflect the advantages of the high-efficiency EPS mixer, another EPS silo is added, and a vibration motor or a flow-assist air cushion is configured according to the size of the silo to prevent the material from bridging; a pneumatic butterfly valve is installed at the connection with the mixer, which has good sealing performance and Effectively control dust; the admixture feeding hopper is equipped with a dust collection port, which solves the problem of dust flying when the valve is opened.

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