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hot wire cutter for insulation slab

As we all know, the application of eps styrofoam is very common nowadays, whether it is in foam package or house construction, it is necessary to make test first and then make reasonable planning. Among them, the eps cutting machine plays an important role. The high-quality eps cutting machine makes it more convenient to process our foam materials. Now we come to understand how the eps cutting machine works, as well as the  cnc foam cutting machine. What are the applicable scopes of eps cutting equipment? This is what everyone cares about.

Max cutting size
2000*1300*1300 mm
4000*1300*1300 mm
6000*1300*1300 mm
8000*1300*1300 mm
Machine power
Machine size
4400*2600*3250 mm
6400*2600*3250 mm
8400*2600*3250 mm
10400*2600*3250 mm
Machine weight

1. The machine is with movable cutting and adjusting equipment. In order to ensure the accuracy of cutting, it is equipped with a digital display ruler.

2. The movable worktable adopts the negative pressure adsorption method to fix the cut foam.

3. When the work is stopped, manual and automatic equipment are equipped.

4. The red brake button is used for manual braking. This button is invalid when the launch button is pressed.

5. When the brake electromagnet is closed, press the start button, and the brake electromagnet will be released immediately.

hot wire eps cutting machine
hot wire eps cutting machine

Machine application: It is used for cutting foam materials. It can cut rigid foam, soft foam, plastic into squares, rectangles, strips, etc. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, precise cutting scale and high precision. Multifunctional computer numerical control foam cutting machine, can complete EPS (XPS) at the same time or separate horizontal cutting, vertical cutting, cutting special-shaped plates, and breaking plates in one. It can cut grooves of various shapes on one equipment, such as ladders. Foam cutting machine equipment has convenient operation and high precision.

Through the above description, we have realized the working characteristics of the cnc foam cutting machine and eps cutting machine. Each part of the eps cutting machine is indispensable. The cutting of foam materials using special cutting equipment can make our cutting operation more convenient.

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