The value you get from EPS foam waste recycling

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After the foam is collected and transported at the centralized disposal point by garbage classification, it is transported to the glass-gold-plastic-paper sorting and processing base for sorting and processing, and then sent to the plastic processing enterprise to be decomposed, recycled and reused.
Waste foam bins are plastic waste in recyclable garbage. For individual businesses that recycle waste foam bins and other renewable resources, the urban management department is mainly responsible for supervising their city appearance and appearance. However, in the context of the implementation of waste classification, recycling and utilization of renewable resources is a part of the reduction of waste. Individual mobile merchants recycling waste foam boxes and other renewable resources often have problems such as unclear sources, unknown destinations, and irregular handling.
Due to the instability, high mobility and low safety awareness of employees, environmental pollution is prone to be brought about in the process of recycling, processing and production. From the perspective of the ecological environment department, according to existing regulations, it is more difficult to supervise such individual mobile merchants.
foam box
foam box
The value of utilization:
(1) The eps density is very low, which can reduce packaging weight and reduce transportation costs;
(2) It has excellent shock and vibration energy absorption, which can greatly reduce product damage when used for cushioning and shockproof packaging;
(3) It has strong adaptability to temperature and humidity changes and can meet the requirements of general packaging conditions;
(4) Low water absorption, low hygroscopicity, good chemical stability, it will not corrode the contents, and it has strong resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals;
(5) The thermal conductivity is low, and it can be used for thermal insulation packaging, such as ice cream cups, fast food containers and thermal fish boxes, etc.;
(6) The molding process is convenient, and various foam pads, foam blocks, sheets, etc. can be made by molding methods, such as molding, extrusion, and injection.
heavy duty eps shredder
heavy duty eps shredder
EPS shredder is a necessary machine for recycling EPS foam waste,it can crush the waste into recyclable pieces. The EPS shredder work with other machines like melting machine,compacting machine,de dusting machine to make the EPS waste into different application.

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