Chance for getting profit for construction team

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hot wire cutter for insulation slab

We see the our house or buildings are warm at winter and cold at summer,why it like this?Because there is insulation slabs on the wall surface.Construction team will install them when building up the house.

It is easy for construction team to buy raw eps block and buy hot wire cutter,so that they can cut it themselves.they will get more profits.

It is good for them to get eps insulation slabs cut themselves.Hot wire cutter is not expensive and it is easy to operate.

The foam cutting machine takes square steel tube as the frame which is strong in carrying high weight of eps foam blocks and it is important to the precision of cutting.

Stepper motor and reducer assembly on the hot wire cutting machine can give enough power to drive the machine working.

Hot wires are placed with different direction to make the foam cutting machine multi functional.

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