PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine

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PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine

PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine

Model No.
Raw materials flow capacity
4-8 kg/min
4-10 kg/min
Max working pressure
Raw materials proportion
1:1 (fixed)
1:1 (fixed)
Total power
9 KW
13 KW
Max tube length
60m (optional length)
90m (optional length)
Raw materials viscosity range
200-1000CPS (at working temprature)
200-1000CPS (at working temprature)
Heating range
Drive type
Fully pneumatic
Fully pneumatic
Electricity requirement
Single phase 220V 50Hz
Single phase 220V 50Hz
Three phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Three phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Air pressure
0.5-0.8MPA 1m³/min
0.6-0.9MPA 1m³/min
Heating tube power
Tube insulation heating power
Main machine weight
105 kg
120 kg
Total weight
Machine size
Package size
Main machine1 set
Spray gun1 pc
Feeding pump2 pcs
Insulated tube1 package (15m)
Heating and gun tube2 pcs (1.5m per pc)
Spare parts1 set
High pressure PU foam spray machine is also called PU foam insulation machine,high pressure PU coating machine,it is can also be used as PU foam casting machine by replacing nozzle only.This machine is for polyurethane foam insulation work.
insulations work for wall and roof,barrels,farm,container,vehicles,barn,cold storage, house,vessel etc.
Spare parts introduction
1. Heating system
Heater is imported from overseas with high precision temperature control and better characteristics. Raw materials will be heated fastly,evenly and costly.
Heater can work in cold temperature conditions.
2. Pressure booster pump
It takes 316 stainless steel materials which is more anti-frictional and corrosion resisting.
Pneumatic control is more secure,it can work without electricity.double protection for pump shaft is with anti-curing design and resetting functions when machine is off.
High quality sealing materials and its self compensating functions can extend its life.
3. Pressure display

It takes 316L stainless steel materials and overseas specialized silicone oil.
Stainless steel materials and silica gel sealing tech are with good sealing,it can be free from the dusty environments.
Silicone oil from Japan is good enough for the environment vibration and reduce the relative pulse effect.also,good with hot and cold temperature.
Mechanism and spring in the display is good with fatigue test.
4. Control panel

Resetting functions when machine is off.pump shaft for black materials can be in the seal protections when machine is off.
Emergency stop control is available.
Independent control for black and white materials.
feeding pump on polyurethane foam spraying machine
1) CE and ISO certified, many patents are available.
2) Machine is with light weight,small size,easy to move and small failure rate.
3) Strong capacity,fast heating,good atomization,model A500 can save 10% raw materials.
4) Pneumatic control instead of electric magnetic control,it can work without electricity,the life span of electric parts can be extended for 50%.
5) Emergency stop device.
6) Heater is by variable frequency,
7) Resetting function is available when machine is off work,
8) High and low pressure filter and the filter in gunner can triply protect the feedings flow, the flow block failure can be reduced a lot.
9) One year warranty service.
Youtube Video
PU foam insulation machine from China

FAQs of PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine?

What’s the Price of PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine ?
Dear Friend,
if you are interested in PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine, please contact us first, because that different requirements on the same type PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine, the price maybe a little different, but we will give you the best price.

What’s the shipping method of PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine?
We can ship the PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine as your requirement, usually, we ship PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine by shipping company, which is more economical, you will save more money.

We can offer all kinds of PU foam spray machine,PU casting machine, any questions, welcom to contact us.

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