How to install EPS molding nicely on wall surface?

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eps molding
eps molding

The EPS moldings are widely used in building industry,its quality is important for our daily is cut by CNC foam cutting machine.There may be some problems if you do not install EPS molding nicely,especially it may occur for new users.

Some problems will appear like: unprecise size;gap between two moldings;not easy installation;connection between nails;flaw on moldings;rust on moldings;failure of insulation etc. We will talk about how to avoid the problems during instalaltion of EPS moldings.

eps molding
eps molding
  • on-site exploration

Conduct surveys on the construction site, check the base surface environment, and request that the base surface be flat, dense, and pollution-free. Resist the base that does not meet the request must be reconciled with the relevant parties, the base must be refurbished, and the base must be checked and acknowledged again.

  • Engineering data

During construction, the stirred protective mortar should be evenly applied to the EPS decorative components from the bottom to the top within the width range of 1.10 m to 1.20 m. The average thickness of the protective mortar retained on the board surface should not be less than 3 mm.

  • Following drawing

The actual environment of the vouchers is to be calculated in parallel with the plan drawings, and the standard appearance of the product is recognized. The inappropriate local area must be revised in real time and sent to the owner and the plan party for recognition. According to the construction drawings, a positioning line (center line or side line) will be popped up at the position of the eps line and component to be installed.

Cut the eps molding and components according to the drawing device scale. The eps molding and components are all standardized, and the width of the stitching seam should be considered when cutting.

  • Mesh garment

When eps molding and components are posted, the mesh cloth should be turned over. If there are special circumstances, it can be posted directly without turning over.

architectural moulding
architectural moulding

The adhesive for eps molding and components uses the special mortar XT-A-01 for line bonding, and the thin-layer full-bonding method is used for posting. The eps molding and components are kneaded to make the mortar overflow from the periphery, and the width of the bonding seam is not more than 3mm. Adhesive seams should be glued and hooked, gray seams should be plump, and the eps molding and the appearance of the components should be neat.

  • Natural environment

The construction should not be carried out in a windy environment or on a wall exposed to direct sunlight in summer to avoid the rapid loss of water during the construction process and the formation of capillary cracks. After 2 days, it is completely dry and hardened.

When the ambient temperature is relatively low or the relative humidity of the air is high, the time required for the material to dry and harden is correspondingly longer. The unhardened EPS material should be prevented from being directly affected by relatively harsh weather conditions, especially to avoid rain washing. If necessary, the newly constructed walls should be protected. Such as covering the wall with a layer of plastic film or other things to cover the rain.


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