Working process of twin shaft crushing melting machine

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The twin shaft crushing melting machine is to crush waste eps foam, such as: foam fast food boxes, foam packaging boxes, thermal insulation materials, TV sets, air-conditioning refrigerators, and other white foaming wastes through crushing and screwing them to the plasticizing area.

The outer wall of the barrel is heated and plasticized, squeezed into a tuft shape, and becomes a block after cooling. The heating method adopts a 220V electric heating ring. The foaming machine greatly saves the cost of manual transportation and turns waste into treasure. Waste foam processing has become an indispensable part of waste recycling and reuse. Through waste foam recycling and processing, considerable profits can be made from it. It is a good project for individuals to start their own businesses.

twin shaft crushing melting machine
twin shaft crushing melting machine

Instructions for use of twin shaft crushing melting machine:

After the motor is installed, connect the three live wires. After power on, first debug the motor forward and reverse (the pulley position has the correct turning sign). If the steering does not match, you need to stop and change any two of the three live wires. The single unit is equipped with two 220V heating coils, and each heating coil has two wiring posts. Any one of the live wires and one zero wire can be connected in parallel to the other heating coil. After heating for 30 minutes, it can be turned on and put into operation. The new machine needs to be filled with butter before starting the machine (see the label for adding butter for details). Add a little butter every 3 days after daily use. Reinforce the screws and other routine maintenance! Foam cold press, foam cold briquetting granulator, woven bag granulator price 220 type vertical foaming machine, production 200~300 kg/hour, manufacturer of plastic granulator, foam granulating machine, EPS foam The granulator equipment is mainly used for the recycling and reuse of white foaming garbage such as foam snack boxes, foam packaging boxes, thermal insulation materials, TV sets, air-conditioning refrigerators outer packaging foam, etc.

eps lump
eps lump from twin shaft crushing melting machine

The general process is to first crush the waste foam by a horizontal crusher, then blow it into the main hopper of the hot melt machine by the fan behind the crusher, push it through the screw to the front end for heating and plasticization, and flow into the auxiliary machine for secondary plasticization after extrusion. The electric screen changing die head filters impurities and then enters water to cool the strips and enters the pelletizer to cut into finished pellets. EPE pearl cotton, EPO foam, and EPS foam hot frit are mostly used in exterior wall insulation board factories, photo frame factories, billboard factories, and some are used in admixtures, and the market is in short supply. Our company’s 220 vertical foaming machine has an output of 200~300 kg/hour.

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