EPS de-dustor can mix the EPS cut-off with origin EPS

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eps dedustor
eps dedustor with silo

We recommend that the EPS manufacturers upgrade their EPS shredder with dust free functions,it can shred the EPS waste as well as removing the dust in the recycling process.After removing the dust,you can mix and fed back the shredded EPS into origin EPS silo and convey them into block molding machine or shape molding machine for making new EPS products. 10%-30% of recycled EPS waste can be mixed with new EPS origins.

eps waste dedusting machine
eps waste dedusting machine

The machine is EPS de-dustor which dedusting box is attached with shredder.

we take an important step in the direction of circular economy. users are largely reduce the consumption of resources by upgrading the eps shredder.

We interviewed with some manufacturers and they are particularly proud that, despite the adversities of the coronavirus epidemic,they have now been able to start full operation in Europe and America. The demand for high-quality EPS insulation sheets has been growing steadily for years. This is due to rising energy prices,they are optimally positioned in terms of capacity to be able to supply their customers promptly.

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