How to solve the vibration problem of Densified EPS shredder

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eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine for recycle eps pellets

The densified EPS shredder use moon shaped knives,it enjoys with low noise,auto feeding,high efficiency.The inlet is on the machine body which is easy to feed EPS waste.So,the densified EPS shredder can shred the densified EPS bricks.

It may come with some problems when you work with the densified EPS shredder for over some years,the machine will vibrate a lot when it needs some maintainance.

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine for recycle eps pellets
  • Thedifferent size of rotator of motor and shredder.When the gap becomes unusual,the vibration happens.You can adjust the motor position or shield at bottom of the motor to adjust the rotator.
  • The rotator gap of the shredder.The two sides of the axis is not at flat can shield the bearing of axis.
  • the vibration of the crushing chamber is relatively large. This situation is usually due to the difference in the coupling between the coupling and the rotor or the uneven quality of the flat hammers inside the rotor. The industry proposes that according to the different types of couplings, the connection between the coupling and the motor can be adjusted in a corresponding way: when the quality of the hammers is uneven, each group of hammers must be selected from the beginning to make the hammers relatively symmetrical. The deviation of the symmetrical hammer is reduced.
  • The original average was destroyed. In this situation, after the motor is repaired, a moving average test must be performed to take the overall average of the equipment during operation.

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