The CNC working principle of fast wire machine

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fast wire machine
fast wire machine

The fast wire can work by high speed of fast wire to cut various foam materials into any 2D models you draw in software.Its cutting tool is fast wire which also named as abrasive wire.How it is working? Let’s tell you in the article.

The fast wire machine make cutting thru X and Y axis to make 2D movement.The X axis is controlled by gantry by gear and rack and Y axis is controlled by gantry which is controlled by timing belt.The pulse signal from computer can control XY axis movement.The single wire machine is suitable for cutting big size foam products.The stepper motor can adjust the moving speed and can be various motion.

Users can draw and input the drawing into control program to cut.users can also import the G code into control program.Our control program is Mach3 by default.The fast wire will follow your drawing by CNC control.

fast wire cutting machine
fast wire cutting machine

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