Delta controller for automatic EPS cutting line

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delta controller
delta controller

Our EPS cutting line use delta brand controller and system,it works with photoelectric unit to be automatic EPS cutting line.

Integrating delta controller and servo drive into one control core, accelerating the real-time of the data flow between the two, dynamically compensating the nonlinear characteristics of industrial robot motion, and solving the delay caused by the traditional electronic control architecture that needs to obtain data through the communication interface to achieve high The demand for precision and high speed.

delta control box
delta control box

1. Provide communication interfaces such as Ethernet and RS-485/232, which can be quickly integrated with the system periphery, including PLC, conveyor belt, vision system, etc., and at the same time conduct data handshaking with the central control computer to form a complete system solution.
2. Support SCARA, DELTA, Linear DELTA robotic arms, built-in different robotic arm modules, customers can choose the robotic arm modules by themselves, only need to enter the basic mechanical arm mechanism parameters, the system can generate the corresponding algorithm to meet the customer’s operational flexibility And convenience needs.
4. Customers can use the DRAS (Delta Robot Automation Studio) development platform provided by Delta, through the IEC61131-3 five PLC syntax, PLCopen motion function 3, energy module, DRL (DELTA Robot Language)-Delta industrial robot language , Compile the system program by oneself and combine with Robot movement, and carry out customized development according to the system characteristics.
5. Provide high-level motion control functions, including industrial robot motion commands: point-to-point, linear, arc, etc., and support G CODE standard commands dedicated to numerical control, which can be developed according to different applications including EPS cutting line.

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