New grinding EPS shredder machine for small size output

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eps recycling process
eps grinder

As we know,EPS shredder can shred the EPS waste into small scraps.There are many different type of EPS shredder machines.We developed a 2 in 1 EPS shredder machine which are comprised of primary and secondary shredding, it can reduce size of  the expended polystyrene up to diameter 5-30mm at one time, this size only make expended polystyrene recycle more easily but also greatly reduce the transport cost.

EPS grinder
EPS grinder

There are many application of these expended polystyrene after shredding, for example, expended polystyrene(EPS) after shred can be used as the building material, such as IFCs(Insulate Concrete From) brick, insulation board, IFC house. They also can put into the EPS extruder to make PS pellets.

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