EPS shredder reduce size of EPS waste

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foam shredder

EPS shredder offer a solution to the EPS styrofoam disposal recycling,they reduce them to tiny beads about 10 mm below. These bits of EPS are later sent to EPS recycling machines who recycle them into useful foam.

EPS Shredding machine is an cost effective solution for recycling all waste EPS or EPP. EPS shredder allowing EPS manufacturer to reintegrate their EPS boards, EPS sheets, EPS blocks, completely back into the production process. The shredder can be used in both EPS sheet  plants for sheet skeleton recycling , and for EPS moulding plants for EPS blocks recycling.

heavy duty eps shredder
heavy duty eps shredder

This EPS recycling machine is an integration of a pre-crusher with a grinder. Crushing of scrap foam (EPS and EPP) down to a piece size of approx. 5-10mm. When EPS scrap is feeded into the hopper, the two shaft EPS shredder will shred EPS scrap efficiently, then the EPS flakes drop into the machine that grind the flakes into smaller pieces of beads. A blower and piping system can be equipped to conveys the EPS beads into a silo.

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