why you need EPS cutting line rather than cutting machine

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aws eps cutting line
hot wire eps cutting line

The continous EPS cutting line can benefit you at below points:

The EPS cutting line owns the horizontal, vertical, cut off sections which are respectively using vibration cutting,it can complete modification of EPS boards with flame retardant, it reduces labour , increase the smoothness.U-shaped arrangement of cutting line for domestic at present all modified EPS board of flame retardants formula;The EPS cutting line is suitable for flame retardant EPS boards.

hot wire vibration cutting line,NF eps foam cutting line

Continuous EPS Cutting line takes conveyor drive roller and the rod according to the modified high density characteristics of EPS board, adopt high design, increasing the use of stability and the service life of equipment.

Continuous cutting can greatly increase the cutting efficiency.
Automatic positioning device, which can guarantee the cutting precision.
Optional automatic packaging system, increase the packing speed, reduce labor costs.
Automatic storage plate conveyor system and automatic flip upper body be automatic production (this system is optional).

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