Supply NiCrTi hot wire from China

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NiCrTi hot wire
NiCrTi hot wire

Hot wire is used on the CNC EPS cutting machine and PLC EPS cutting machine for cutting EPS foam materials.It is widely used in EPS industry but some common hot wire can easily break when cutting.

NiCrTi hot wire
NiCrTi hot wire

With years of experience in the EPS cutting industry,we found that NiCrTi hot wire is stronger and can be used for at least a month without breaking.

Although this kind of NiCrTi hot wire is more expensive than common NiCr hot wire which is Cr20Ni80 nichrome wire,but it can be used much longer time than NiCr wires.

NiCrTi heating wire
NiCrTi heating wire

NiCrTi heating wire is named as Nickel chrome titanium wire,it is specifically designed for arc spraying. It is produced with dense, well-bonded coatings for excellent corrosion resistance and good wear resistance. It is highly resistant to sulfur and vanadium atmospheres up to 1825°F. It has proven to be particularly effective as a protective arc spray coating for boiler tubes in black liquor recovery boilers and coal fired utility boilers.

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