Specification of EPS moulding

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eps molding
eps molding

When people build up the villa in village,they want them beautiful in outlook.They want cubic and nice moulding which need good design from engineers.

Many villa owners look for good construction team,they want the team build up the nice moulding.Everyone knows that villa with good moulding is as much as a girl with nice bracelet.Atmosphere is different with the bracelet.

architectural foam molding
architectural foam molding

The process of EPS moulding making

EPS moulding is custom product which is required from customers like the model and size.Technician need draw it in CAD software,and then cut origin eps block in arduino cnc foam cutting machine to get plain moulding,then,you cover plain moulding with mesh garment,finally,you coat the moulding with coating machine to get finished eps moulding.

Need attention that the thickness of mortar on moulding need to work with environment for cracking problem. It is common that the thickness is between 2mm to 4mm. The construction team will work it out.

cnc foam cutting machine
cnc foam cutting machine supplier


Specification of EPS moulding


Specification of ordinary window trim,door trim and wall line etc.

(1) 50×100 mm,60×120 mm square models

(2) different window trim 80×80mm,60×120mm

Specification of ordinary cornice and waist line.

(1) 150×200mm european style

(2) 150×250 cornice and waist line

(3) other architectural moulding

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