waterproof matters on eps moulding

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During the house decoration, although waterproofing is a hidden project, it is related to the building and the people’s housing. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good waterproof and thermal insulation material, supplemented by the correct construction technology.

Then, Howt is the waterproof effect of EPS moulding?

architectural foam molding
architectural foam molding

In the lap joints between the plates at the window openings, the waterproof problem should be considered. In the window sills, the EPS mouldings are required to be glued to the vertical panel, which means to avoid vertical seams on the water surface. ; But at the top of the window, the vertical panel is required to press the horizontal panel. The EPS moulding components are installed outdoors to increase the overall aesthetic effect of the house. The plastering mortar of the EPS moulding is made of high-strength cement, cellulose, rubber powder, and fine sand The EPS moulding is made of fireproof foam, fiberglass mesh cloth, and high-strength mortar, which can last the same life as the house. It has a good waterproof and thermal insulation effect.

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