used Cnc foam cutting machine positions in global market

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CNC foam cutting machine is for making cuttings on polystyrene foam for 2D,3d and 4d models,we will talk about it on the global view. The slowdown in economic growth in China and India and the Sino-US trade war have reduced the demand for new cnc foam cutting machine in two important markets. The consequences of the weakened vitality of these large economies extend to other markets in Southeast Asia. Although economic slowdowns in global market have increased the supply of used cnc foam cutting machines in these markets, at the same time, demand from buyers in markets in Africa, South America and other parts of the world is also growing. “Public utilities and infrastructure projects that are underway around the world require a stable supply of heavy equipment. Under the circumstances of economic uncertainty, customers will choose second-hand equipment that can be used for short-term projects, and then sell them through our auctions. It is expected to be close to their purchase price”.
The global used equipment market remains stable because it has hardly changed between periods of economic prosperity and slowdown. According to data from Karl Werner, President of International Division of Ritchie Brothers, Euro Auctions, after the global economic downturn in the late 2000s, the demand for high-quality new and used construction equipment in the Middle East is slowly recovering. In the past 12 months, the commercial procurement process has undergone major changes, and large equipment users have become more financially aware of their inventory ownership, operating costs, and disposal value. Obviously, buyers are returning to the market. All in all, the price of second-hand equipment in the Middle East has remained relatively stable over the past year. Derek Bleakley, general manager of European auction houses, said: “Auctions are a real barometer of the market, reflecting who is buying, who is selling, trends, and the hottest equipment brands in the entire region. Obviously, buyers are pouring into the market again. In general, the price of used cnc foam cutting machine in the Middle East has remained relatively stable over the past year. “Recently, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe have become the main source of buyers in this region. With the increase in the popularity of various second-hand equipment brands around the world, asset disposal has increasingly weakened geographical boundaries.

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