2019 Horizontal Fast Wire Rigid CNC Foam Cutting Machine

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horizontal fast wire rigid CNC foam cutting machine is suitable for rigid and flexible PU,rock wool(miner wool),phenol foams,EVA ,PIR ,PUR ,foamglass fireproofing panel , EPS,PVC and other rigid foams material .

All of the cutting movement is totally controlled by computer and this will reduce large amount of human resources and improve the production efficiency.It can save more power and material consumption.

Features of this horizontal fast wire rigid CNC foam cutting machine:

CAD drawing and Automatic typesetting to save cutting material;Easy to operate and learn

Low maintanence cost and less vulnerable part

Installing the automatic knife break protection .It can prevent knife from breaking suddenly

Easy to change the machine blade in 2 minutes and low maintanence cost

Main motor,servo motor and pneumatic component are all imported brand to gurantee the high-quality product .

The cutting height of the machine can be adjusted according to the processed products .

Specifications of this horizontal fast wire rigid CNC foam cutting machine:

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