PSQ300 CNC foam cutting machine

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CNC foam cutting machine
PSQ300 CNC foam cutting machine

The hot wire CNC foam cutting machine is to cut 2D shapes with thermocol foam materials,such as eps architectural mouldings,roman column,cornice ,decorative eps facade profiles, Styrofoam eps products,Eps wall panels,Styrofoam logo and letters and more product from Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam etc.

CNC foam cutting machine
PSQ300 CNC foam cutting machine

main technical parameters

The external dimensions of the machine are 4000mm* long * 2000mm* wide * 2300mm high

The effective volume of the countertop is 3000mm long x 1220mm wide x 1300mm high

The length of heating wire is 1500mm

The maximum number of heating wires is 15

X-axis travel: 2000mm

Y-axis travel 1300mm

The machining speed is 200-1000mm/min (adjustable)

Cutting accuracy 2 mm

Operation control system CAXA.CAD/ProNest 2015

The workbench is made of iron and welded with rectangular square tubes

Working voltage AC380V/50HZ.

Driving mode: stepping motor+ball screw

Material of electric heating wire, wire diameter nickel-chromium Cr25Ni20, 0.5mm

The number of stepping motors is 3 (2+1)

Output voltage of heating transformer is adjustable from 30 to 80v

The weight is 700 kg

Manipulating computers and associating desktop computers

Total installed power 5KW

2D eps models
CNC foam cutting machine application

Main features of this machine:

  1. The main frame of the machine is welded with rectangular steel pipes, which has firm structure and stable operation.
  2. The machine is driven by stepping motor and driven by high-precision ball screw, which runs smoothly and accurately and adjusts the speed freely. It is suitable for changing the processing speed in time for cutting materials with different bulk density and special graphics. The cutting control precision is 2 mm;
  3. Voltage regulation: This machine is equipped with a 5KW transformer. Fifteen heating wires can be installed on the cutting frame, and 15 groups of the same patterns or characters can be cut at the same time
  4. The machine adopts a special controller independently developed, which can be cut by itself after generating the G code of the machine tool by computer drawing and typesetting. CAXA. CAD is used as drawing software, and ProNest 2015 is used as platoon software, which is controlled by computer, easy to learn and quick to master.
  5. The display screen has the functions of displaying cutting patterns, tracking cutting, continuing processing at breakpoints, delaying corners and so on. The cutting speed can be adjusted at any time, and the maximum movement speed is 2000mm/ min.
  6. The machine has stroke protection function. When the motion stroke exceeds the set stroke, the automatic protection of the equipment stops.


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