2019 New Design EPS Vertical Foam Cutting Machine PSJ-1400

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Main Features of EPS Vertical Foam Cutting Machine PSJ-1400:

  1. With PLC programmable controller and touch screen to control the whole working procedure automatically.
  2. Use closed expansion chamber and pressure sensor control technology to realize stable foaming pressure.
  3. Expansion chamber temperature is controlled by temperature sensor and valve position ensuring accurate temperature control.
  4. Vibrating switch control material level to get accurate density, density tolerance less than ±2%.
  5. Stainless steel fluidized bed drier keeps inside temperature around 70 ℃.

Main Technical Parameters of EPS Vertical Foam Cutting Machine PSJ-1400

DimensionInner Diameter Heightmm46080011001400
Cubage of preexpanderm30.
Foaming densityKg/m312~6012~6012~6012~60
Production efficiencyKg/h60~10080~130260~500300~600
Steam pressureMpa0.4~0.80.4~0.80.4~0.80.4~0.8
Pressure of compressed airMpa0.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8
Inlet of steammm25324040
Inlet of compressed airmm32323232
Sewage outletmm50508080
Air Outletmm8080100100
Overall Dimensionmm2100×700×24001800×1300×30001900×2200×46002200×2600×4800

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