2019 Upated Version CNC-01 Wire Type Contour CNC Foam Cutting Machine CNC Foam Cutter

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Product Description:CNC-01 Wire Type Contour CNC Foam Cutting Machine CNC Foam Cutter is mainly used for block foam abnormity cutting, two or three dimensional polyurethane foam or similar materials, as adopt special frame movement and worktable rotate, has a good advantage of occupying area small product efficiency high, cutting exact, operate easily , so the product widely used in varies field, such as heat preservation materials, furniture,mattress, packing and other industrial usage.

Technical Specification:

Cutting Foam SizeW2200mm*L2200mm
Cutting Foam HeightH1200mm
Cutting Foam Density ≥150kg/CBM(+0.03-0.05mm)
Cutting Speed0~15m/min
Table Moving Speed0~20m/min
Table Moving Type180℃ Rotatory Or Go And Back (To Be Requested)
Dust Clean SystemOne Set*2.2kw
Press Plate DeviceOne Set.
Blade LengthL10120mm*Dia1.3mm
Control TypeComputerized
Wire Tension SystemAvailable
Machine N.W2200kg
Total Motor Power11.9kw
Floor SpaceL5200mm*W4500mm*H2400mm

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