The processing technology of knives of eps shredder

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eps shredder
eps shredder

The eps shredder mainly has flat knives, claw knives and trapezoidal knives in the selection of knives. The wear resistance and hardness of the knives in the foam crushing determine the quality of the eps shredder machine.

The softening treatment process of the blade: heating the workpiece to the range of 600’C to 650’C, maintaining it for a period of time and then air cooling, the main purpose is to soften the processed hardened workpiece again, restore the previous toughness, and enable it to be further processed .

The main purpose of the quenching treatment is to rapidly cool the steel material that it has obtained the maximum hardness.

eps shredder
eps shredder

Quenching: Put the trimming blade in a 450°C heating furnace, and after holding for 70min, it is cooled in the air by a flat clamp, and then the heating furnace is heated to 860°C, and the trimming blade is heated in the heating furnace at a constant temperature for 50min;

Hot clamping: When the quenched trimming blade is cooled to 220 °C, quickly put it into the clamp, and at the same time tighten the upper plate of the clamp;

Tempering: Heat the heating furnace to 300°C, and then put the trimming blade together with the jig into the heating furnace for tempering, the tempering time;

Leveling: Take out the tempered trimming blade from the fixture, then place the trimming blade on the platform and check the plane and vertical deformation with a   gauge.

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