How the foam beads cutting machine works?

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eps extrusion granulating machine
eps extrusion granulating machine

Foam beads cutting machine is working with eps pellet machine for recycling eps waste,eps pelleting machine line includes eps shredder,silo,pipe,strand extrusion machine,cutting machine etc,foam beads cuttingĀ  is the last procedure at eps recycling.The strand will be cooled and then cut with the cutting machine.There are two different ways of cutting eps strand.

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine for recycle eps pellets

One is air cooling cutting.two blowers with different directions will be mounted at strand output,the blowers will blow the strand to be cooled for cutting.

The other is water cooling cutting.The water container will be installed and eps strand will go into the water for cooling.The way is the most popular way.The strand end will be connected with cutting machine to cut.

It is economical and saves labor.There will be good margin with the second way.

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