steam boiler

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steam boiler

steam boiler

We offer steam boiler for eps building panels factory,with electricity/natural gas/diesel/coal etc as fuel.Different capacity and types are available.
Fuel burned steamed boiler are with diesel or gasoline as raw fuel.It is more economical and convenient than electric steam boiler and natural gas steam boiler. This steam boiler run by burning equipment,because it has good atomization and fully burning,there is no black smoke,so,it is also environment friendly.
Natural gas burned steam boiler are with natural gas as fuel.The natural gas is burned in furnace to heat the water in boiler,the heating steam will be the power with pressure.Because the water burning point is increased as pressure added up,boiler is sealed,so,the steam will be power to drive.
Coal burned steam boiler is with coal as fuel,the burning of coal as heating power to heat the water with increased pressure inside furnace.The boiler consists of coal making system,burning device,heating surface,air preheating device etc.It is polluted boiler for the air,many area ban coal burning.
Electric droved steam boiler is with electrics as heating power for water to make steam pressure inside furnace.The steam will be power for mechanical working.It is very environment friendly boiler in industrial line.
There are different steam boilers in different countries, depending on the available fuel and specific conditions, customers can choose the suitable boiler for your local application.Myaid Machinery is famous eps machine supplier in China,welcome to contact us for business.

FAQs of steam boiler?

What’s the Price of steam boiler ?
Dear Friend,
if you are interested in steam boiler, please contact us first, because that different requirements on the same type steam boiler, the price maybe a little different, but we will give you the best price.

What’s the shipping method of steam boiler?
We can ship the steam boiler as your requirement, usually, we ship steam boiler by shipping company, which is more economical, you will save more money.

We can offer all kinds of steam boiler, any questions, welcom to contact us.

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