New EPS shredder on sale

Watch Youtube Video to seek for solutions about foam cutting machine and foam recycling machine
EPS foam recycled granulator
EPS foam recycled granulator

We introduce a new EPS shredder machine,it is on sale

Hopper: The entry point for the EPS foam, where the material is fed into the shredder.

Cutting chamber: The area where the shredding process takes place, housing the rotating blades or cutters that break down the foam.

Motor and drive system: Powers the shredder, with motors typically ranging from electric to hydraulic, depending on the machine’s size and requirements.

Discharge system: An output mechanism, usually a conveyor or air system, that transports the shredded foam particles to a collection point, such as a bag, container, or another piece of equipment for further processing.

Control panel:Allows operators to monitor and control the shredder’s performance, including speed, throughput, and safety features.

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