The advantage of EPS pelletizing line for compacted,melted,and foamed EPS waste

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The EPS pelletizing line can recycle the EPS waste into recycled beads which can be used again in making insulation sheets,window frame,TV box etc.The line includes eps shredder,eps melting machine,strand die melting machine,cutter,water container,pipe and silo etc.

Our eps pelletizing line has some special advantage than the machines from other suppliers,pls read it as below.

eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine for recycle eps pellets
  1. The stand die head is meshless,you do not need to renew mesh like other EPS pelletizing machine.
  2. The strand die head can automatically remove impurity.
  3. Magnetic heating from the strand die can save lots of time for heating.
  4. Transmission box takes simple structure,there will be no breakdown,it can solve some frequent fixing problems from time to time.
  5. Dual reducers are equipped on the eps pelletizing machine,smaller speed,bigger power.

    325 eps granulator machine
    325 eps granulator machine

Most important to notice that our line has three different shredders which can shred compacted EPS waste,melted EPS waste and foam waste.These different waste need different EPS shredder.

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