How to build up a foam recycling factory from startup?

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eps pelletizing machine
eps pelletizing machine

As we know,collecting foam waste from market and sell it is small margin,you can manage to get better margin by process the collected foam waste.If you do not meet the profit of the difference in recycling, then you can maximize its value through processing. Those manufacturers often recycle the foam, process it, and make it into EPS pellets, which become raw materials for production again.

You can have a machine line of EPS pellets machine to make EPS pellets.Each grade of foam pellets can be made into different grades of plastic products. Different grades have different prices. There are three common pellets: large white, medium white and tea material.

recycling pellet

It is understood that the price of machines for processing foam is not high, and there are machines ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. A good recycling machine is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. After such processing, the market price of the foam is not the same, and the profit during it has been doubled.

In the process of recycling, processing and utilization, it can be sold to the granulation plant after cold pressing or hot melting technology. Generally speaking, it can be processed into three forms for sale, namely cold briquette, hot melt, and pellets.

For us ordinary people, the lower threshold is still on cold press and hot melt. The old foam that costs about 2,000 yuan per ton can be sold for 4,200 yuan per ton after cold pressing; and 4,600 yuan per ton after simple processing of hot melt.

EPS melting machine
EPS melting machine

If conditions permit, the profit will be greater if you do spinning and granulation. This kind of EPS pellets can be sold for 6,000 yuan per ton, so there are some humble small workshops, and it is very easy to earn 600,000 yuan a year. of.

There is a couple who invested 100,000 yuan in foam recycling and processing projects. After all costs are excluded, they can earn about 400,000 yuan a year. The couple also started out by recycling old bubbles to make a difference, making the local market bigger bit by bit.

After learning about the entire operation process of this product, they set up a processing workshop by themselves to cold-press and hot-melt the recycled old foam,they need EPS shredder,hot melt machine,EPS pellets machine etc. this is getting a small industrial chain.

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