Waste foam recycling is good business

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EPS extruder
heavy duty EPS extruder

Waste foam recycling is good business.The sources of recycled waste foam are quite sufficient, such as fruit foam boxes, seafood foam insulation boxes, foam boxes for household appliances and furniture packaging, seaside floating rows and foam floating balls, etc., and in some places they are often given for free. for free.

Foam can be used in so many places, so wouldn’t there be a lot of foam that is replaced by recycling them? Coupled with the supply of some waste recycling stations, is it still difficult to recycle dozens of tons if these resources are integrated?

EPS box waste
EPS box waste

In fact, in this business, compared with other recycling projects, the competition will indeed be relatively small, not for other reasons, the reason is very simple. Those vendors who collect scraps like to collect valuables and take up a small amount of space. These scraps are large in size and occupy a lot of space. Many scrap owners do not look down on them.

Since there are few competitors, isn’t this opportunity left to us?

You can invest small amount of money to buy EPS shredder and crush these wasted foam waste,so that you can get more margin.

heavy duty eps shredder
heavy duty eps shredder

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