How will be the EPS waste business ?

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Nowadays, the application of foam can be described as more and more extensive. From the EPS insulation layer of the building to the protective box of express delivery, foam can be seen everywhere around us.

Since of its large size, occupying space, and inconvenient for transportation, many people take EPS waste for granted that waste foam is useless, and they are often thrown into the trash can, which once became a headache for people.

Until its utilization value was discovered, it completely became a low-key profiteering industry.

There are many types of EPS foam. The most commonly used foam material in our life is actually a foamed plastic. The Chinese name is polystyrene foam, or EPS for short. The ones we see recycling white foam on tricycles are EPS foam.

EPS cube
EPS cube

The reason why I want to introduce its material is because I do recycling. If I don’t know what material is, how can I make money?

Although the EPS waste is very light, one ton needs to take up a large area, but the market for waste foam is still good. The recycling price on the market is about half of the recycling price in the recycling station. That is to say, after recycling at a low price Businesses that resell to recycling stations or plastic products have a profit of more than 50%.

How to deal with these EPS waste? You can crush it by EPS shredder or other machines.Myaid Machinery supply various EPS recycling machines from China.

EPS granulator
EPS granulator

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