How to make good foam cold press ?

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EPS cold press
EPS cold press

As we all know,the EPS compacting machine alone can crush and densify the EPS waste into foam cold press,but we suggest a new system to make better quality foam cold press.You can crush the EPS waste by EPS shredder and transport the EPS waste into silo which is built above the EPS compacting machine.The EPS waste can be compacted better quality and capacity will be bigger by our system.

foam compactor

Foam cold press is a compressed block made by densify the foam to high pressure by an EPS compacting machine, mainly for the convenience of processing and transportation. Most of the foam waste is made into foam granules and sold, and a small part of the foam cold bricks enters the waste power plant for incineration and power generation. It is worth mentioning that the EPS compacting machine extrudes foam plastics according to the principle of pressure generated by spiral rotation, and performs cold pressing and compression processing on them.

EPS cold press
EPS cold press

The foam cold press can double the foam volume and increase the density, which is beneficial to foam recycling and landfill treatment of EPS foam. The foam cold press is divided into two categories: EPS foam cold press and polyurethane cold press compressor, which are respectively suitable for the recycling and processing of EPS, EPP, EPE foam, and refrigerator polyurethane foam.

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