Foam pelleting manufacturing

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EPS box waste
EPS box waste

Foam recycling is a very profitable business, and the most profitable part is foam granulation. With relevant experience, investors can directly make foam strand and granulate to produce EPS granules which are made by EPS pelleting machine, and the profit will be higher. However, this investment is very large, at least 500,000 to start.

In terms of value, the marketability and profit of waste foam processing are generally considerable, but the profit of each industry still depends on the raw materials, that is to say, it depends on whether we have enough waste foam sources.

EPS granulator
EPS granulator

Therefore, the final main profit depends on the price of raw materials and the stability of the source of waste foam. It is very important to do well in these two points.

Of course, it is still a bit difficult for novices to engage in the industry of recycling old foam. After all, few people like the Northeast couple can monopolize the local market.

It still takes a lot of time and energy, such as the investment of machines, the handling of various documents, some environmental protection issues, etc., all of which require a certain amount of experience.

recycling pellet

So no matter what project we do, I don’t want everyone to see others making money, and just follow them blindly. Investigating market conditions is always the first thing we do in projects.

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