How to get big supply amount of Foam Waste ?

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EPS melting machine
EPS melting machine

To manage a foam recycling factory well,you need buy machines and buy large amount of foam waste.

After the EPS recycling machine is installed, it can be processed and produced. First, it is crushed by EPS shredder and pressed into pieces by EPS melting machine, and then heated and extruded with hot-melt machine to make it into a large square strip. When a certain amount is reached, the couple will Sold to local factory which owns EPS granulator to make pellets.

Although waste foam are everywhere, it is relatively difficult to collect them in large quantities. Therefore, the supply of the couple is also quite extensive, almost exclusive in the region, and the raw materials are sufficient.

They work by the contracting mode of cooperation, they cooperate with local domestic waste transfer stations, logistics distribution bases, seafood wholesale markets, fresh and frozen product manufacturers, e-commerce bases, hotels and supermarkets, etc.

EPS granulator
EPS granulator

In short, there are still many ways to find the source of goods. Otherwise, it can be recycled from the old man who walks the streets, and the local waste recycling station.

And because of the large market demand for hot melt and cold press, we don’t have to worry about the market demand. It is indeed a small investment and big return project.

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