How to transport the EPS cutting line properly?

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aws eps cutting line
hot wire eps cutting line

As the EPS cutting line is long size which may be 30 m,it is difficult to transport the line.we will teach how to transport it in the article.

The structure of automatic EPS cutting line is segmented and combined after installation.After disassembly, when carrying and hoisting separately, the parts should be packaged separately to avoid bumping, scratching, and deformation of the main parts and transmission parts, and pay attention to the balance of the center of gravity of the parts.

aws eps cutting line
hot wire eps cutting line

When hoisting machine, it is strictly forbidden to hang hoisting supplies (wire ropes, hoisting belts, etc.) directly on the drum or chain. The hoisting supplies should be hung on the frame, and should be hung on both ends of the frame as far as possible, away from the machine or The center of gravity of the component to avoid the occurrence of machine or component deformation.

After receiving the EPS cutting line, the user should check and accept it according to the supporting details listed in this manual. If the machine is found to be damaged or the accessories are incomplete, please contact our company’s quality management department or after-sales service department for proper handling.

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