why EPS cutting line works with better capacity

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automatic eps foam slab cutting line

Why EPS cutting line works with bigger capacity than EPS cutting machine?

  1. EPS cutting machine works with EPS block keep still and the hot wires move and cut.Whileas,EPS cutting line is different,which EPS block conveys and hot wire stand at its place,the EPS block hit the hot wires.
  2. EPS cutting machine cut EPS block with three cutting stations at one machine,whileas,EPS cutting line cut three stations at three separate units.
  3. The EPS cutting line can convey EPS block automatically,whileas,EPS cutting machine can not convey EPS block,it needs manually load and unload block.
  4. There is wires oscillation on EPS cutting line,it can increase capacity by 1/3.
  5. There is wires auto setting function on EPS cutting line,it makes wire settings easier.

full automatic and continuous hot wire cutting line

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