Photoelectric switch application on automatic EPS silo SYSTEM

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photoelectric switch
photoelectric switch

Working Principle

Photoelectric switch can detect if there is any items in its range by using the block or reflection if beam from switch.Any items can be detected by reflection of its beam.The photoelectric switch convert the input current on launcher into photoelectric signal and shoot it.The receiver can detect by its receiving signal whether weak or strong signal.


Photoelectric switches have been used for item level detection, liquid level control, product counting, width discrimination, speed detection, fixed-length cutting, hole recognition, signal delay, automatic door sensing, color mark detection, punching and shearing machines, and Security protection and many other fields. In addition, the use of infrared concealment can also be used as an anti-theft warning in banks, warehouses, shops, offices and other occasions where it is needed.

photoelectric switch
photoelectric switch

The commonly used infrared photoelectric switch uses the principle of reflection of the near-infrared beam by the object. The synchronization circuit senses the intensity of the reflected light and detects the presence or absence of the object to achieve the function. The photoelectric sensor first sends out the infrared beam to reach or pass through The object or mirror reflects the infrared beam, and the photoelectric sensor receives the reflected beam, and judges the existence of the object according to the strength of the beam. There are also many types of infrared photoelectric switches. Generally speaking, there are several main types such as retro-reflective photoelectric switches, diffuse reflection type, slot type, through-beam type, and fiber type. The automatic selection of photoelectric switch is included.

Different photoelectric switches are used in different occasions. For example, optical fiber photoelectric switches are often used in electromagnetic vibration feeders, diffuse reflection photoelectric switches are often used in the supply of packaging film for intermittent packaging machines, and continuous high-speed packaging machines. Slot-type photoelectric switches are often used in the medium.

styrofoam silo
styrofoam silo

Application on silo system

There may be dozens of EPS silo in EPS block factory,manager always worry about operating these silos with too many labour,here comes with solutions,you can manage many silos with control panel and photoelectric switch.

Myaid machinery can supply automatic EPS silo system,it is more than single silo.we can supply silo for pre-expanded EPS and recycled EPS.They are different silo materials.

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