Common faults and treatment of styrofoam CNC router

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4 axis cnc foam router
4 axis cnc foam router

Styrofoam CNC router machine repair:

When the styrofoam CNC router machine does not work normally, it may be due to a problem with its internal components or other reasons. The following is a general introduction to the frequently occurring problems.

(1) One of the three axes cannot be moved. At this time, check whether the drive block corresponding to the corresponding axis is damaged. The inspection method can use the replacement method: unplug the aviation plug corresponding to the fixed shaft and plug it into the drive corresponding to the other active shaft.

(2) If the immovable shaft moves normally after the exchange, it can indicate that the drive block corresponding to the shaft has been damaged and the drive block needs to be replaced. If the shaft still does not move, it means that the cable or motor is faulty. Replace the cable or motor. None of the three axes can move. At this time, check whether the three-axis aviation plug has been connected to the control box and whether the power of the control box has been turned on. Whether the data line is well connected with the control box and the control card in the host computer. If the above is normal, please contact the factory.

(3) The spindle of styrofoam CNC  router cannot operate normally. First check the error code displayed on the LED display of the inverter (refer to the error code item in the inverter manual). The following takes the inverter as an example.

styrofoam cnc router
4D styrofoam cnc router

Common faults and treatment of frequency converter (1.5 kilowatts)

Fault code: DL output short circuit Check whether the motor and cable are short-circuited

OL1OL2 The load is too large. The motor is locked to eliminate the locked-rotor phenomenon and reduce the load.

LU undervoltage, abnormal input voltage, check input power.

OH Overheating load is too large, the cooling fan is damaged, reduce the load, replace the fan (Note: When the inverter displays DL, the reset button is invalid, please power off and restart the inverter to eliminate the fault)

Common faults and treatment of TALENT series inverters (2.2 kilowatts)

Fault code: EOCD output short circuit Check whether the motor and cable are short circuited


EOU input voltage is too high, check the voltage.

EOCN output circuit phase-to-phase short-circuit or short-circuit to ground Check wiring and motor.

Whether ELU has a large starting current load in the same power system, re-wiring to avoid the load.

TL external interference separates the control line from the strong current.

Model No.
3.5 kw
18000 rpm
Cooling way
Air cooling
Application size
1000*800 mm
2400*1400 mm
Machine size
3000*1900*1700 mm
Machine weight
400 kg
 Aluminum extrusion diameter
60*60 mm
                      ± 1mm
                  X Y Z A
Driving motion
          Chain and ball screw

Common faults and treatment of spindle motor of styrofoam CNC router:

The motor is hot, check whether the water pump is working and the circulating water is normal.

The motor is sluggish, check whether the motor line is missing phase, whether the cable is short-circuited.

The motor’s sound is abnormal. Whether the motor is overloaded. The motor’s internal fault (please contact the manufacturer).

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