4 axis CNC ROUTER in China

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cnc router
5 axis cnc router

The CNC router can feature with good technical characteristics as blow:

3 axis
cnc router machine with 3/4 axis

1. CNC router can cut and engrave special-shaped surfaces, and the spindle can be inclined 180 degrees for engraving and milling;

2. High processing precision, intelligent positioning, automatic processing and batch processing are guaranteed;

3. Low processing cost, automatic batch processing, saving materials and labor;

4. Simpler management, one person can watch four devices, automatic vacuuming and simple maintenance;

5. The processing speed is fast, no need to open molds and make samples, save labor and reduce construction period;

6. High-precision 7-stage helical rack drive, high precision, no gap, dual motor drive, faster speed and higher efficiency. Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw, high precision, low noise and long life.

7. Square guide rail imported from Taiwan, double-row and four-row ball slider, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life.

8. The bed structure is welded by a large square tube, which is annealed and durable.

9. The aluminum profile table of CNC router has strong bearing capacity and small deformation.

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