L type vertical 5 Axis CNC router machine

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cnc router
5 axis cnc router

The machine body of the 5 axis CNC router machine is made of thick-walled steel pipes. The bed is analyzed and designed by finite element, which provides a rigid and stable machining platform for the machine tool, and all machine bed components have been stress relieved before machining.

5 axis cnc router
5 axis cnc router
  1. All positioning bearings, ball screws, linear guide rails, and racks of CNC routermachines are maintained by the centralized automatic lubrication system of the machine tool control system. This is the method consistently recommended by ball screw and linear guide manufacturers.
  2. The main components of the CNC routermachine are from international top brands, such as Japan Yaskawa AC servo drive system, Italian HSD electric spindle, Italian MC7+4 row drill, and German imported vacuum pump.
  3. Each CNC foam router machine is equipped with a compatible tool magazine with 10 tool positions as standard.
  4. The vacuum adsorption table of the 5 AXIS CNC  router machine is divided into six processing areas, which can be processed in a single area or at the same time, which has improved the processing efficiency.
  5. The Z-axis of the CNC foam router machine is supported by a pneumatic balance system, which is a closed loop whose function is to minimize the air consumption during operation.
  6. The5 axisCNC router machine adopts the control system integrated with the industrial computer to ensure the high-speed and high-precision machining of the machine tool.

    CNC router
    5 axis CNC router

Application  of CNC router machine:

The CNC router machine is suitable for the processing of diversified and complex products, and is more suitable for production projects: non-metallic materials such as foam boards, MDF, cabinet doors, computer desks, panel furniture, etc. and non-ferrous metals: such as copper, aluminum router processing.

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