How to solve it when CNC router machine becomes stuck ?

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In the process of using the CNC router machine for engraving, have you encountered the situation that the macine is running stuck at a time? It is a  common problem, the solution is actually not complicated, so follow my steps to continue it.

3 axis
cnc router machine with 3/4 axis

First of all, we need to clarify what causes the CNC router machine to run stuck. Generally speaking, there are mainly the following possible situations.

The first is that the voltage connected to the CNC router machine is too low, causing its inverter to trip and causing the spindle to stop rotating. If this is the reason, you just need to connect a transformer to adjust the voltage to the right size.

The second reason may be caused by external structural components, such as screws, sliders or guide rails, may be due to their jamming or misalignment during the operation of the foam engraving machine, perhaps due to dirt or racks After cleaning and checking it, replace or repair the faulty parts in time, so as to solve the problem of the foam engraving machine running one card at a time.

In addition, the improper setting of the CNC router machine parameters may also cause the machine to run into a stuck problem. In the process of actually solving the problem, you can check the different parts to eliminate the cause of the error, so that you can accurately find the root cause. The cause of the problem is solved by “prescribe the right medicine”.

Finally, regardless of the quality of the CNC router machine, the situation that the machine runs one card and one card is actually caused by improper operation and use, so we should pay special attention to the standardized operation.

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