Basic knowledge of CAD/CAE/CAM for CNC router

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CAD – Computer Aided Design in details.

It involves with computer modeling, drawing and other fields, all software related to this can be classified in this category, such as using catia for 3D modeling. CAD functions can be divided into four categories: digital modeling, engineering analysis, dynamic simulation and automatic drawing. A complete CAD system should be composed of human-computer interaction interface, scientific calculation, graphics system and engineering database.


CAE РComputer Aided Engineering  in details

It is connected with CAD and is calculated based on digital model, and simulation results can be obtained. It is not limited to finite element simulation. For various simulations and optimization calculations such as magnetic fields, as long as the computer is used for simulation calculations, they all belong to this field. CAE is an approximate numerical value that uses computer-aided solution to solve the problems of complex engineering and product structure strength, stiffness, buckling stability, dynamic response, thermal conduction, three-dimensional multi-body contact, elastoplasticity and other mechanical properties analysis and calculation, as well as structural performance optimization design. Analytical method.

cnc router
5 axis cnc router

This is the depth of the previous two aspects. The structure has been designed in the first two steps and the results have been simulated. At this time, you can try to produce parts. This technology can be used to plan the processing steps and find the most efficient process for manufacturing this product. , Also requires hardware support, which is done with the help of software. CAPP is the link between product design and actual production in the workshop. It is a highly experienced decision-making process that changes with environmental changes. His role is to help process designers complete the design from rough to finished product. Its application lays a solid foundation for the integration of enterprise data and information.


CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing in details

All related software and its corresponding hardware belong to this range, so you can see that CAPP in the previous step is also a part of it. Manufacturing includes a lot of content such as digital model management and machine tool control.

Before you operate the CNC router, you need have some basic knowledge for these CNC software.


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