what is the density for EPS lump?

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The density of EPS lump varies depending on the type of EPS and the manufacturing process. However, typical densities for EPS lump range from 10 to 30 kg/m3.

Here is a table of the density of different types of EPS lump:

Type of EPSDensity (kg/m3)
General-purpose EPS10-15
High-density EPS20-30
Fire-resistant EPS15-20
Waterproof EPS15-20

It is important to note that the density of EPS lump can also vary within the same type of EPS. This is because the density of EPS lump is affected by the manufacturing process. For example, EPS lump that is produced using a continuous process will have a more uniform density than EPS lump that is produced using a batch process.

The density of EPS lump is an important factor to consider when choosing EPS for a particular application. For example, EPS with a high density will be more durable and will provide better insulation than EPS with a low density. However, EPS with a high density will also be more expensive.

Here are some of the factors that affect the density of EPS lump:

  • The type of polystyrene used to make the EPS
  • The manufacturing process used to produce the EPS
  • The amount of air in the EPS
  • The moisture content of the EPS

TheĀ  EPS lump is made by EPS foam melting machine.If you are unsure about the density of EPS lump that you need for a particular application, it is always best to consult with a manufacturer or a qualified professional.

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