EPS lump is high density and is it can be crushed again ?

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eps lump
eps lump from twin shaft crushing melting machine

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) lumps, like other EPS materials, have a relatively low density and are lightweight, but the density of EPS lumps can vary depending on their size and composition. Generally, EPS lumps can be crushed and reduced in size using specialized equipment, such as an EPS shredder or EPS densifier.

EPS densifiers are designed to compress EPS foam materials into dense blocks or logs, which can reduce the volume of the material by up to 98%. The densified EPS blocks can then be recycled and used in various applications such as picture frames, crown molding, and office supplies.

EPS lumps can also be crushed using an EPS shredder machine. EPS shredders can break down the lumps into smaller pieces, which can then be recycled or repurposed. The crushed EPS can be used as a cushioning material in packaging applications or mixed with concrete to make lightweight building blocks.

foam shredder - Foam Recycling Machine

However, it’s important to note that the density and size of EPS lumps can affect the efficiency of the crushing process. Larger and denser lumps may require more specialized equipment or multiple passes through the crushing machine to achieve the desired results.

In summary, EPS lumps can be crushed and reduced in size using specialized equipment such as an EPS shredder or densifier, but the efficiency of the process will depend on the density and size of the EPS lumps.

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