small affordable EPS foam hot melt machine

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EPS melt lump

General overview of how an EPS foam hot melt recycling machine for lumps works:

  1. Feeding: EPS foam waste, in the form of lumps, blocks, or loose pieces, is fed into the machine’s hopper or feeding mechanism.
  2. Melting: The machine applies heat to the EPS foam waste, typically using a combination of heat and pressure, to melt the foam. The melting temperature is carefully regulated to ensure efficient melting without damaging the material.
  3. Compression: Once the EPS foam waste is melted, the machine applies pressure to compress the melted foam into densified blocks or lumps. This compression helps to reduce the volume and increase the density of the material.
  4. Cooling and Solidification: After the foam is compressed into the desired form, it is cooled using air or water cooling systems, allowing it to solidify and harden.
  5. Finished Product: The machine ejects the densified EPS foam blocks or lumps, which can then be stored for recycling or transportation to recycling facilities.

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