what is the shapes of EPS lump look like ?

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EPS melt lump

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) lumps or blocks typically have a rectangular or cuboid shape. They are commonly produced as large, solid blocks with smooth surfaces by EPS foam hot melting machine. The size and dimensions of EPS lumps can vary depending on the specific application or intended use.

Here are some common shapes and sizes of EPS lumps:

1. Rectangular Blocks: EPS lumps are often manufactured as rectangular blocks. These blocks have straight edges and flat surfaces, making them easy to stack and transport. They are available in various lengths, widths, and heights to accommodate different requirements.

2. Cubes: EPS lumps can also be produced in cube shapes, where all sides have equal lengths. Cube-shaped EPS lumps are useful in applications that require symmetrical dimensions or when uniformity is desired.

3. Custom Shapes: While rectangular blocks and cubes are the most common shapes for EPS lumps, it is possible to create custom shapes by cutting or shaping the foam. Advanced equipment and techniques, such as computer numerical control (CNC) cutting, can be used to produce EPS foam in specific shapes and profiles to meet specific project needs.

It’s important to note that EPS lumps are typically solid foam blocks used for insulation, packaging, construction, and other applications. They are not designed to be easily reshaped or molded once manufactured. If you require EPS foam in specific shapes or forms beyond the standard lumps, it may be necessary to consider other foam materials or fabrication methods, such as foam molding or cutting techniques.

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